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Modalert 100Mg (Modafinil) Tablet is a prescription medicine that removes sleeping disorders as narcolepsy. Order now this tab from UsMedsKart, Upto 20% off

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Modalert 100Mg (Modafinil) Tablet treats sleeping disorders

Modalert 100Mg (Modafinil) Tablet removes issues like obstructive sleep apnea. It also treats hypopnea syndrome of the shift work sleep disorder. The tablet is also known for its cognitive enhancing abilities. It should not be used to keep the person forcefully awake. It should also not be used to forcefully awake a person who does not have sleeping disorders. Modalert 100 Mg helps to restore the normal sleep patterns and also reduces the tendency to fall asleep in the daytime or during the working hours. The medication is also use for treating few others sleep related conditions as sleep paralysis or hallucinations.

Modalert 100Mg side effects

Modalert 100Mg work with treating sleep related conditions as hallucinations and sleep paralysis. It comes with common side effects with drugs like headaches, anxiety, nausea, difficulty, sleeping etc. The dug can produce psychoactive effects and euphoria when use with other stimulants. It is a drug for narcolepsy. The more severe side effects maybe loss of appetite, anxiousness, depression, insomnia and painful menstrual period.

Uses of Modalert 100 Mg tablets

The tablet treats Narcolepsy and uncontrollable sleepiness in daytime. It also treats shift work sleep disorder. It treats excessive sleepiness in the people whose work schedule changes

Precautions to be taken while use of Modalert 100 Mg tablets

If you find allergy with Modalert 100 Mg tablets you should inform the Doctor about the allergy. Tell the Doctor if you are allergic towards any drugs. You should also inform about the allergic conditions as rashes, shortness of breath, cough and swelling of face.

If you miss any dose you should take it as soon as you remember. In case if you skip the missed dose you should not take two dose at the same time. Do not change the dose or stop the drug without consulting the Doctor.

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