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Modalert 100, 200 Mg Tablet Treats Narcolepsy or Daytime Sleepiness

Modalert 100, 200 Mg tablets is a prescription medicine that treats daytime sleepiness. The people who need to be active during the day time for some important work may at times feel sleepy. This issue or syndrome has a medical term of Narcolepsy. The tablet comes with a salt composition of Modafinil of 200 Mg. It has to be taken at a fixed time of each day so that it maintains a consistent level in the blood. No dose has to be missed and if any gets missed the dose should be taken immediately to maintain the consistency. The medicine should be taken only as Doctor’s prescription.

Benefits of Modalert 100, 200 Mg tablet

The person who has Narcolepsy may face some of the symptoms as sleep paralysis, excessive sleepiness, hallucinations. Modalert 100 Mg Tablet stimulates the brain and lets you fully awake. It further restores the normal sleeping habits and improves sleep quality. You feel more with energy and do your work with ease with the help of this medication. You should inform your Doctor if you have problem with heart, liver and kidneys or have history of seizures. You may develop any unusual changes or with mood and behaviour. If it leads to suicidal thoughts then inform the Doctor immediately.

Some of the side effects of Modalert 100, 200 Mg tablet

Side effects of Modalert 100, 200 Mg tablets are headache, nausea, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness. It may also lead to indigestion, diarrhea, back pain and runny nose.

The medicine should swallow as whole and do not chew, crush or break it and taken with or without food

Uses of Modalert 100, 200 Mg tablet

It is use in treating excessive sleep apnea. It treats Narcolepsy that is uncontrollable sleepiness within daytime. It also treats obstructive sleep apnea or sleeping disorder where breathing stops for short time-frame during sleep. It leads to excessive sleepiness with people who work with schedule changes.

Precautions with Modalert 100, 200 Mg tablet

The Modalert 200 Mg Tablet is unsafe to use in pregnancy. It should not be use while breastfeeding. It should not taken while driving and no alcohol consumption should be done with the tablet as it may exaggerate the condition. Tell your Doctor about your complete medical history before taking Modalert 100, 200 Mg tablets and don’t exceed dosage.

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