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Check on these symptoms if you face trouble maintaining erection

Facing trouble in erection may happen with quite a prominent issue among men of all ages. It happens with good number of male population at times. But most of the time people are unaware that may also cause erection problems. With more of the prolong problems that hampers maintain an erection should be resolve. It gets easier to resolve the issue when a person knows symptoms behind maintaining an erection.

Here are some of the common problems that cause with erection problems:

Blood vessels narrowing in penis: One of the prominent cause of erectile dysfunction is call Atherosclerosis. It is the pathways that pump blood between heart and other organs that is block by plaque. If your penis finds it to struggle that gets the blood flow it needs to maintain an erection. It is also worth noting that condition is not strictly limited to erectile dysfunction.

High blood pressure: Having high blood pressure is another significant cause of erectile dysfunction. The issue is not responsible that allows arteries which facilitates with blood to penis that function the way they should. High blood pressure also leads to reduce testosterone levels, that leads to sexual libido is lower and further affects abilities to get an erection.

High cholesterol level: Higher cholesterol level is another condition that results with artery blockages. The cholesterol is beneficial as it helps with building tissues and also produce sex hormones. However, it builds up with too much and can cause many of the health issues that also includes erectile dysfunction. It may be substance that also adds as significant factor with narrowing arteries, that makes it difficult for blood to pass through veins.

Obesity: An obese presents with many of the reasons that might lead to suffering as it may cause erection problems. The extra weight of person may lead to vascular health concerns. 75% of lower testosterone levels along with psychological difficulties about the body image. Obesity is not the primary cause of erectile dysfunction but the overweight issues also contribute towards the factors.

Consumption of alcohol: Consumption of alcohol may lead to erectile dysfunction. Not only it cause with physical issues in the entire body but it also impacts the brain. It tells with body to direct blood flow to the penis. Drinking of alcohol interferes with your brain receptors and it further reduces testosterone production. Erection problems cause by alcohol consumption that is temporary. Alcohol abuse also leads to more health issues that cause potential erectile dysfunction.

Smoking: Smoking is one of the prominent cause of erectile dysfunction. It contributes to poor or general health that further includes erectile dysfunction. The chemicals with cigarette smoke cause lining with blood vessels to break down. With your trying to get erection the unhealthy blood vessels won’t provide much support to penis.

Physical injuries: Physical injuries may lead to erectile dysfunction. The various ways a person gets physical injury leads to prolong issues of erectile dysfunction.  

Also, medication is part of treatment methods in erectile dysfunction. Some of the effective medicines are Cenforce 100 MgVidalista 40Kamagra 50mgFildena 50 Mg can be taken with Doctor’s prescription.

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