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Cenforce 100,200 Mg Tablet Treats Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

Cenforce 100, 200 Mg tablet is a generic drug that helps treating erectile dysfunction and even the common issue as impotence. With weather pattern changing in most of the countries and extreme hot or cold season prevails for a long time the man chemical balance and hormones are on decline. Many of us who are healthy and have been performing well in sex have also feeling the heat and the pressure of one or the other sex related problems. The most common issue are the feeling of sexual desire getting over. This has become a generic condition and to get rid of such issues one can get the sure treatment by taking Doctor’s help. The most prescribed pill these days is Cenforce 100, 200 Mg tablet treats male impotence or erectile dysfunction in the best potent manner.

Cenforce 100, 200 Mg tablet gives hard and long lasting erection

Cenforce 100 Mg Tablet contains the generic substance Sildenafil Citrate that gives hard and long erection. The men who suffer from erectile dysfunction should take the pill with Doctor’s prescription. The tablet comes not only with 100, 200 potency but have different strength such as 25 mg, 50 mg, 120 mg, 150 mg and many more. The tablet can be use according to the needs of the patients and the Doctor’s advise gives you the understanding to administer the right potency. The Cenforce 50,100 tablet is effective for 4-5 hours and should be taken 30 -40 minutes before the use.

How to use Cenforce 100, 200 Mg tablet?

Cenforce 200 Mg Tablet should be taken orally with a full glass of water. The tablet should not be crush, chew or broken before the intake and should be swallowed whole. It should be taken 30 minutes before the sexual activity. The dosage and strength are advise by the Doctor. The drug should not be taken with fatty meal or with wine and juices. The tablet is only meant for safe sex and it adds more energy and vigor to the sexual act. Once the drug is taken it gives prolong sexual intercourse and it helps to avoid premature ejaculation.

Common side effects of Cenforce 100, 200 Mg tablets

Some of the common side effects of Cenforce 100, 200 Mg tablets are dizziness, indigestion, eyesight disturbance, headaches, hot , flushing of the face.

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