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Cause of weak Erection that Leads to Sexual Dissatisfaction

Weak erection happens when the penis is not firm enough and does not give better sexual intercourse. The weak erections happens due to various reasons and has become a consistent and permanent issue with many men. Before medication in such issues the Doctor or sex therapist should be consulted. In most of the cases the tablet is given as Cenforce 50, 100, 150 and 200 Mg. Erectile dysfunction or sexual diseases may happen with erection failure and the common symptoms of erection or reduction is sexual desire leads to persistent issue.

Here are some of the cause of weak erection:

Diabetes issues: Physical reasons can be diabetes and is common issue that may lead to erectile dysfunction. It may happen with type 2 diabetes males and the nerve damage may cause erectile dysfunction which leads to weak erection.

Hormonal disorders: The low testosterone may cause erectile dysfunction. The pituitary gland produces prolactin and if it is produce in excess results in erectile dysfunction. The abnormal thyroid hormones may also cause erectile dysfunction or lead to weak erection. Abnormal thyroid hormone may also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Obesity and metabolic syndrome: Obesity is one of the larger cause that may lead to erectile dysfunction than ageing. It includes complexity with obesity and may lead to fat tissue. The metabolic syndrome may also cause hormone disorders. The losing weight may also lead to erectile dysfunction or may lead to weak erection and the best tablet for treatment is Cenforce tablet.

Surgical complications: Prostate and bladder radical surgery may lead to erectile dysfunction. It is complicated issue that may increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. Radical cystoprostatectomy (cystectomy) or abdominoperineal resections (APRs) with rectal cancer and some of the surgeries that might cause ED as complicated issues. Although, with use of Cenforce tablets the issues may get resolved.

Psychological reasons: Intimacy is one of the way to enjoy better sexual relationship. Although, the fear of intimacy may be cause of erectile dysfunction. People who look afraid of forming ties along with close connections and said to have fear of intimacy. It is easily treated with therapy and oral medication. Symptoms with fear of intimacy are low self-esteem or may lead to trust issues between the partners. It may lead to weak erection but with the use of Cenforce tablets the issue can get resolved.

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