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Buy Soma Max 10 IU Injection - Somatropin HGH 10 IU

Generic Somatropin HGH 10IU for Inj

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Detail Overview About Soma Max 10 HGH Injection

Soma Max 10 HGH Injection is an awesome medication used for the treatment of growth deficiency, growth failure, and growth hormone deficiency. Soma Max 10 HGH Injection is also used for the treatment of genetic disorders in children as if Noonan syndrome and Turner's syndrome.

How does Soma Max 10 HGH Injection act?

Soma Max 10 Injection comprises Somatropin as an active chemical constituent and that is a synthetic form of human growth hormone. The main mode of action of generic Somatropin is to human growth is essential for the growth of bones and muscles in human being. Somatropin is a preparation of recombinant HGH, which is similar to naturally produced through pituitary gland. Thus, when HGH naturally is not enough for the functioning, then synthetic preparation of it under the brand name of Somatropin is given to the patients.

What conditions conflict the effect of Soma Max 10 HGH Injection?

  • If you are oversensitive to generic Somatropin, you should not take the dose of Soma Max as you can ask your physician for the substitute.
  • Under certain health issues, you should not take the dose of Soma Max as if diabetes, pituitary gland disorder, the curvature of spine, underactive thyroid, and childhood brain cancer.

What are the Drug Interactions of Soma Max 10 HGH Injection?

Do not use birth control pills, insulin or oral diabetes medicine, hormone replacement therapy, steroid medicines (Dexamethasone, Prednisone, and Methylprednisolone) along with the dose of Soma Max.

How would you take the dose of Soma Max 10 HGH Injection?

The most recommended dose of Soma Max is 10IU. You should administer Soma Max via the subcutaneous route (SC) or intramuscular route (IM). The dose of Soma Max depends on the age, medical conditions, and tolerance of an individual person.

What are the Side Effects of Soma Max 10 HGH Injection?

You may feel some side effects after taking the dose of Soma Max 10 HGH Injection as if rapid weight gain, muscle pain, joint pain, headache, pain, swelling, and itching at the site of the injection.

What precautions should you use while taking Soma Max 10?

  • Avoid shaking of medicine container before using or it can destroy the drug.
  • While relying on Somatropin medication, you are required to have regular blood tests, eye tests, and growth progress report.
  • Inhibit the use of alcoholic drinks and the habit of smoking while being treated with Somatropin.

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