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Buy Maxalt 10MG Tablets - Generic Rizatriptan 10mg

Generic Rizatriptan 10mg Tablets - Maxalt 10MG Tablets

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What is Maxalt 10mg Tablets and for what it is used?

Maxalt 10mg Tablet is a very efficient medicine to manage the signs and symptoms of migraine in an individual. Migraine is a sensation of sudden, severe and pulsatile headache prevailing on one side of the head may be with or without aura. This means that patient can face some visual disturbance either due to flashing or due to shimmering of lights. Maxalt 10mg is effective against those migraine pains that had already begun. So, do not take the medicine as a prophylaxis to prevent a headache.

What is the Action Mechanism of Maxalt 10mg Tablets?

Generic Rizatriptan is the key dynamic module of Maxalt 10mg Tabs. It acts by narrowing the dilated blood vessels and decreasing the swelling over the nerves and around the brain. Maxalt 10mg is accountable for decreasing the release of the substance in the body that can trigger a headache, pain, nausea and sensitivity towards light and sound.

What is the Dosing schedule of Maxalt 10mg Tablets?

Consume Maxalt tablet 10mg orally with plenty amount of water may be with or without food within the duration of 24 hours, only when you notice the symptoms of migraine attack. Individual can repeat the dose only after the minimum gap of two hours if he experiences the relapse in pain. If you miss the dose, then follow the doctor's prescription but prevent taking two doses at once.

What are the Contraindications to Maxalt 10mg Tablets?

  • Patient having any allergic reactions after the intake of medicine must omit the use of Maxalt.
  • Patients with troubles of kidney, liver, lungs or diabetes must contradict the use of medicine.
  • Do not take this medicine if you were on MAO therapy from last 2 weeks.
  • Do not take Maxalt 10mg if you are pregnant or nursing mother without the advice of a physician.

What are the Side Effects of Maxalt 10mg therapy?

The patient can encounter some common side effects, like fever, mood swings, confusion, irritation, agitation, delirium.

What are the Precautions to be taken with Maxalt 10mg Tablets?

  • Maxalt is not for patients below 18 and above 65 years of age and the consultation of a physician is must prior the intake of this therapy.
  • Do not drive or operate any machine after the intake of Maxalt 10mg as it can develop drowsiness in the person.
  • If you are an obese or in the phase of postmenopause then the consultation of the physician is a must.

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Generic name Generic Rizatriptan 10mg Tablets - Maxalt 10MG Tablets

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