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Buy Aziderm Cream 20% - Generic Azelaic Acid 20%

Generic Azelaic Acid 20% - Aziderm Cream 20%

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Concise Overview About Aziderm Cream 20% (Azelaic Acid)

Aziderm Cream 20% (Azelaic Acid) is popularly and widely known medication for eradicating acne. Aziderm Cream 20% improves the new skin cells number and lessens the pimples and blackhead formation. It blocks bacteria causing acne by hindering their growth cycle. Aziderm 20% cream has the main ingredient as Azelaic Acid. It also keeps your skin blemish free and stops further breakouts on skin.

Working of Aziderm Cream 20% (Azelaic Acid)

Azelaic Acid interrupts the growth and development cycle of bacteria thereby kills the bacteria. It hinders acne-promoting fatty acids. It interferes the development of new skin cells known as comedones, thus stops the further spread of acne. Acne leads to inflammation and irritation of skin so Aziderm cream helps in preventing this effect.

Dosage Information and Method of Application of Aziderm Cream

For getting acne free clear skin, apply Aziderm cream two times in a day, once in morning and once in evening. Before use, first wash your face with cleanser and then dry it completely. Take a small portion of this cream and rub gently on pimples so that it gets absorbed. It is advised to wash your hands before and after each application. An improvement in your skin condition will be observed within three to four weeks of its use.

Contraindications with Aziderm Cream 20% (Azelaic Acid)

  • Some people quite often have allergic symptoms with this cream so do not apply Aziderm cream.
  • Do not use in pregnant and breastfeeding women without medical advice.

Warnings and Precautions to follow with Aziderm Cream 20%

  • Avoid sun exposure as it may cause skin irritation or before moving out in sunshine use protective cloth or sunscreen lotion.
  • Use very cautiously and avoid contact of Aziderm cream with eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Extreme caution must be taken in children whose age is less than 12 years.
  • You should not cover the acne-affected area with a bandage.

Side Effects of Aziderm Cream 20% (Azelaic Acid)

Some ill effects you may observe with Aziderm cream 20% are

  • Rashes, numbness, dryness
  • Irritation, burning sensation on skin
  • Rashes, itching
  • Irritation, inflammation of skin
  • Scaling, peeling of skin
  • Dryness, change in skin color

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Generic name Generic Azelaic Acid 20% - Aziderm Cream 20%

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