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Never Lose The Hope Of Baby, Try Hucog HCG


Every woman wants to listen the news of natural gift that is a baby. Because of many reasons thousands of woman throughout the world is not able to become pregnant. The reason of not getting pregnant varies from woman to woman but the most known reason is infertility. It is a natural process to become pregnant no one can become pregnant by own or by applying any method. Nowadays infertility becomes very common there are thousands of women throughout the world who is suffering from this disease.

When a woman is not gifted by the news of pregnancy after one year of trying unprotected intercourse, you can be termed that she suffering from infertility. In another case, infertility can also be defined by those who can get pregnancy but are not capable of staying pregnancy. But these days infertility can be treated with the help of medications.

Hucog 5000 IU HCG is a potential medication which is commonly used for the treatment of infertility and is helpful in both men and women. This medication causes ovulation process to initiate conception for an infertile or anovulatory woman.

It is manufactured in the form of injection and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is the main ingredient present in the Hucog injections. HCG is a polypeptide hormone that is most commonly found in a pregnant woman. HUCOG produces action by enhancing the release of an egg from female's ovaries and it also works on pituitary gland for the treatment of male disorders. HUCOG is also helpful in the production of testosterone hormone after stimulating the testes to maintain quality and quantity of sperm. It can also be used in males for the treatment of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism and Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism.

Hucog 5000 iu HCG online

Dosing Regimen of HUCOG HCG:

Hucog is an injectable preparation of so you have to take it via subcutaneously or intramuscularly. For the treatment of infertility, HUCOG is available in the strength of 2000, 5000, 10,000 IU.

For the treatment of Cryptorchidism: you can take 4000 IU. You have to take this medication for three times a week given for three weeks.

For the treatment of Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism: The recommended dose is Hucog 500–1000IU you have to take it for three times weekly for 3 weeks. You can continue the same dose but for two times in a week for 3 weeks.

Possible side effects:

HUCOG may cause few unwanted effects in some individual such as ringing in ears, mood change, allergic response, headache, nausea, water retention, weight change, breast tenderness, pain at the site of injection.

What are the Precautions of taking HUCOG HCG?

  • While using this medication some needs special attention as Hucog therapy may encounter with multiple pregnancies due to ovarian hyperstimulation.
  • Do not use Hucog if you have precocious puberty, hypersensitivity, and prostate cancer.
  • You are not safe to use this medication if you have liver, kidney, heart, epilepsy and undiagnosed bleeding; asthma diseases.
  • Do not use this medication if you are pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Where to Purchase Hucog HCG:

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