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Enjoy healthy sensual life by using Cenforce Tablets


Everything was running very smoothly in your married life and suddenly you were caught-up in erection trouble. Your relationship was strong enough but unhappiness in your relationship began when you faced erection problem. It made you heartbroken and your wife felt isolated. Every time when she came near you, you ran away giving different excuses. Your workload is so much that you do not take your problem seriously. The things between you began to change with time. Now whenever you came home you both slept facing opposite each other. The things became mechanical. Love was fading in your relationship. However, one-day time came when your wife ridiculed you saying impotent and asked for a divorce. At that moment, your ego shattered and you were shocked. Hearing such words from your wife's mouth made you heart struck. You wept and tried hard to convince your wife to have patience but useless.

Erectile Dysfunction problem

At that time frame, you heard about drug name Cenforce for boosting up an erection. Without wasting time you went to your wife and convinced her saying that you got a solution. This was your testing time and you kept your finger crossed. After taking Cenforce, when you both came close, there was no end in your intimacy. The intimacy session lasted for a longer time. The whole passion came out within few minutes. After all, you had been away from each other for so long time. You both enjoyed the session for a longer duration. This was surprising for your wife as she got what she wanted in bed. The other day when you woke in morning, you were in each other's arm. You were thinking inside your mind that why did not you came to know about this drug earlier. However, everything was now settled, both of yours inner sexual urge was calmed. Cenforce has proved to be the best medication for eradicating erection failure.

Cenforce a brand name for generic Sildenafil 100mg tablets, used among patients who have difficulties in sustaining an erection. Cenforce makes you get an erection only after you are sexually aroused. Cenforce is a PDE5 inhibitor that hinders PDE5 function and improves the number of cGMP in the gentle part of Men. More cGMP in gentle part vasodilate the blood vessels, leading to fast blood flow in vessels, which gives a firm erection.

Dosage Needed For Satisfying Intercourse

Cenforce is available as 50 mg, 100 mg, 150mg and 200 mg. Take Cenforce single tablet, before 50 to 60 min before an intercourse. The onset of action of Cenforce is about 30 minutes and the action of Cenforce lasts longer for 4 to 6 hours. Never consume more than single pill once per day. You can have it with or without food.

Cenforce 200mg Tablets - Treat ED

Contraindications And Precautions To Follow With Cenforce

If you have pain getting an erection or your erection happens for a longer duration share with your doctor about it. Not use nitrate drugs as it results in hypotension. Cenforce should never be prescribed in patients whose age is below 18 years. Convey your doctor about your medical condition such as cardiac disease, bleeding disorder, abnormal blood pressure, retinitis pigmentosa, and ulcer in the stomach. Do not use any other ED drug when you are already using Cenforce. Stop fatty food intake as it lessens the drug absorption. Restrict the intake of alcoholic beverages and grapefruit juice when you are taking Cenforce.

Some side effects you observe with Cenforce: You may face serious side effects such as sudden vision loss, irregularity in a heart beat, shortness of breath, seizure, dizziness, painful erection, flushing, nausea, sweating, muscle pain or upset stomach.

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